"Let's put it this way..it took me an hour to straighten out..when I couldn't even bend straight up when I got out of bed, that's gone. The pain that would shoot around the hips, that's gone. This nagging, dive-me-crazy-up-the-wall pain that I would lay on my bed trying to get to sleep and you could never find a position and I don't care how hard or soft your bed was - that's gone. These are the things that I came in to get rid of, and they're all gone."

on the disappearance of all his pain after his procedure at SINW

"Definitely have it looked at. This procedure is new... but it's wonderful. I'd do it again, but I just don't want to do it again right away! But I would, if need be. It's a great procedure. I'm just amazed."

On her surprise about how well her surgery went at SINW

I wasn’t able to go walking or anything like that, and ahhh, I think it was about three weeks after the surgery, I went for a half-mile walk.

Spine Institute Northwest patient

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Kamson and the staff here. I’m very pleased with the respect I've been treated … I've been treated with respect and the utmost care.

Spine Institute patient, on his experience at SINW

Yeah, they’re terrific. Every time I had a question or concern, it was answered timely. They’re friendly, they smile a lot, they seem to be happy at their jobs.

On Dr. Kamson's staff

I didn't think it would be this good, honestly. From what I've read online and from experience, I thought it would be that I would still need some sort of oral pain medication. I t seems like the majority of patients still need some sort of pain medication, so to be where I am, I’m pretty impressed.

On her experience with Dr. Kamson and SINW

Got out of the recovery room, got up, walked out of here, got in the car, and rode back home, and there was no – very  – I mean there wasn't any pain.

On being free from pain after surgery at SINW

My pain level is pretty much nonexistent now, and before it was getting to the point where every time I would get up off the couch or something, it would take me a minute of walking to get kind of normal.

Spine Institute Northwest surgery patient, on his pain level after the operation

You do a great job of making…answering the questions and sort of taking care of the patient and making sure they feel comfortable and confident with whatever they’re going to do here.

On his experience at SINW

I have bragged about Dr. Kamson and the Spine Institute and their staff to everyone that I know. They are probably getting sick of it but I don’t care. I want to shout it from the mountain tops that this place is amazing, Dr. Kamson is amazing. He has changed my life.

On her satisfaction with Spine Institute Northwest and Dr. Kamson