Patient Reviews for Doctor Kamson

Minimally Invasive Surgery Patients of Dr. Solomon Kamson

“I was out and about in like a month,” Jaselyn says, and back to work not long afterward. Today, “I can pick up my students, I can go and do sports that I haven’t been able to do. Even just walks with my dogs.”

-Jaselyn Lee, on being able to do normal activities after being treated by Dr. Solomon Kamson at SINW

“I received the same thorough diagnosis, the same leading edge knowledge, and the same thoughtful concern and the same successful outcome.”

-Author and Spine Institute Northwest patient Dwayne Burnell, on Dr. Solomon Kamson’s analytical and logical approach to treating back pain

“Dr. Kamson got right on top of it…you come in [to Spine Institute NW] and you know that they want to help you, and they make you feel glad that you came. And you just have a sense of peace of knowing that you’re going to get help that you need.”

-Margo Witters, on her very positive experience at Spine Institute Northwest and meeting Dr. Solomon Kamson

“I would just say get it taken care of so you can get back to normal living again.”

-Stephanie Proulx, advising people on having their back pain looked at after her own successful treatment at SINW

“As soon as I saw Dr. Kamson I really liked him, right off the bat. I could tell he was a man of integrity. I felt really at ease and comfortable.”

-Jim Perri, on his impression of Dr. Solomon Kamson after meeting with him

“I got to know Dr. Kamson. I knew he was going to do the right thing for me. He wanted to fix my problem.”

-Dave Patten, on his impressions of Dr.Solomon Kamson after doing some research and after meeting him in person at Spine Institute Northwest

“Don’t guess at a diagnosis, get it checked out if you’re feeling pain!”

-Mary Halabi, on her advice to patients second-guessing their pains

“I felt very comfortable with what he had to say…I just kind of felt like this was the place I needed to go.”

-Tim Watts, on the confidence he felt about entrusting his care to Dr. Solomon Kamson after meeting him and commiting to minimally invasive surgery

“I was skeptical but once I talked to Dr. Kamson and he explained what was gonna take place, I had no second thoughts about it. I was ready to go that day.”

-Daniel Schmalzried on how he felt after meeting with Dr. Solomon Kamson and listening to the explanation of how his medical procedure would help his back pain

“Even last night, four or five hours after surgery, I did not have leg or ankle pain.”

-John Wieler, on the day and night difference on how his leg felt atfer Dr. Solomon Kamson operated on his back

“The staff were just phenomenal, and actually took time to, to visit with me, to care, to explain everything”

-Sissy Falcon Johnson, remembering her exprience with the staff at Spine Institute Northwest and Dr. Solomon Kamson

“I came in on a Wednesday night, I had the surgery on Friday.”

-David Hurlbut, on the quick turnaround time for his surgery at Spine Institute Northwest

“I now have no pain in my legs at all. It is a world of difference there.”

-Glenn Steig, on the difference before and after his procedure performed by Dr. Kamson at SINW

“I was just astonished to come in for the surgery and to leave that night.”

-Lori Kuzior, Dr. Kamson’s spine sugery patient, on her surprise at being able to move right after having her procedure

“Definitely get hold of Dr. Kamson.”

-Michael Reitz, Spine Institute NW patient, on his advice to other people contemplating minimally invasive surgery for back pain

“As the weeks progressed, the pain just worked its way completely out of my body. It is pretty incredible.”

-Darrel Lewis, on the gradual lifting of his back pain as he recovered from his surgery at SINW

“I can guarantee that it is worth it, no matter what your situation is.”

-Neck Surgery patient Jesus Omar Belloso Soza, on having his back pain looked at and treated by Dr. Solomon Kamson at SINW

“My pain is literally 100% gone.” 

-Eric Minier, on his pain level after Doctor Kamson performed a microdiscectomy on his L4 vertebrae

“I just want the least invasive, the quickest way to heal, the best way to heal.”

Michael Shaffer, on his decision to go with Dr. Kamson to treat his slipped disc