Living without Pain at Long Last!

dwayne-burnellChronic back and leg pain can be intolerable, with some patients suffering hopelessly for years. The thought of having invasive spine surgery is scary, and some sufferers, like author and wealth strategist Dwayne Burnell, can seek out treatment for years with little success.

When Dwayne finally consulted with Sol Kamson back in 2003, he was thoroughly impressed with the surgeon’s thorough, thoughtful approach to his issues. Dwayne had explored practically every avenue to find the answer to his painful symptoms, from chiropractors to orthopedic surgeons to pharmaceuticals. The most frustrating part of Dwayne’s journey was receiving conflicting advice from different professionals and no core diagnosis as to the root of his painful symptoms. Finally, Dwayne had found what he’d been seeking: a correct diagnosis for his pain, along with a minimally invasive lumbar fusion procedure to relieve his pain and get to the root of his problem.

A minimally invasive lumbar fusion procedure involves a facet screw system that helps stabilize the spine. With a small incision, Dr. Kamson, MD, uses fluoroscopic guidance to insert a dilator between the muscles to avoid irritating nerves and muscles of the spine. The offending disc or bone material is then removed, and a PEEK spacer cage is filled with bone graft to let the spine fuse. Tiny rods and screws are put in to ensure the fusion site remains solid. This type of lumbar fusion keeps cutting and disruption of back muscles to an absolute minimum.

The advantages of undergoing a minimally invasive lumbar fusion procedure as opposed to traditional open fusion surgeries include a less painful procedure, a higher rate of success, and quicker recovery times.

Patients like Dwayne Burnell, who is an avid outdoorsman, are thrilled that they are still completely free of pain, a full ten years after surgery. Contact Solomon Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA, if you are seeking an answer to your issues with spine or leg pain. Minimally invasive procedures can be your ticket to a pain-free life, letting you spend more time doing the things you love once again.